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Email: | 전화: 02) 479-2703~4

1500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon

1500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon은 수중 작업과 수중 Mooring 장비에 부착하여 장비 인양과 위치를 확인하는 Release Beacon입니다. 1500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon은 3510 PAM Portable과 함께 작업을 수행 할 수 있고, Easytrak Nexus USBL 시스템도 1500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon 동시 사용할 수 있습니다. 본 Release Beacon은 최소 12개월에서 최대 60개월 동작할 수 있고 PAM Portable과 Easytrak Nexus USBL 시스템으로 Release ID, Range, 배터리 점검할 수 있습니다.

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1500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon 제품사양:
Housing material: Hard anodised aluminium
ModelBeam PatternSPLSWL*Release LoadSurvival DepthDiameterOverall lengthWeight air/water
1519± 90°187dB75kg75kg400mm110mm499mm4.6/2.1kg
1529± 90°187dB125kg125kg500mm110mm563mm8.0/2.8kg
1559± 90°187dB250kg250kg1000mm125mm1350mm19.6/8.7kg
*SWL includes a 4x factor of safety
  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Listening life**: 1519 – 12 months 1529 – 24 months 1559 – 60 months
  • Releases: 70
  • Frequency range: MF, 17 to 32kHz
  • Status Telemetyr: Acknowledge arm, Acknowledge release, Battery
  • Commands: Arm, Release, Battery Status, ID Commands, Tilt
**1519 and 1529: A single battery pack is fitted. This is split to separately power the release motor/transmitter and the receive/processor electronics. This extends overall battery life and facilitates field servicing.
**1559: Three battery packs are fitted. Separate battery packs for the receive/processor electronics, transmitter and motor. This extends overall battery life.
1500 시리즈 Acoustic Releae Beacon 호환제품:
  • 3510 PAM: 1023 Identities
  • Eaytrak Nexus: 1023 Identities
  • V-Nav: 1023 Identities (positioning only)
  • Positive Drive-Off Mechanisms
  • Command and configured by 3510 PAM and Easytrak Nexus
  • Spread Spectrum replies
  • SWL includes a 4x factor of safety
  • Also operates as standard acoustic positioning beacon with Easytrak Nexus
  • 수중 공사 Long term marking
  • 수중 장비 인양
  • Easytrak Nexus USBL Calibration
  • V-Nav 수중 위치 시스템과 호환


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