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Email: | 전화: 02) 479-2703~4

1000 Series Fatboy Beacon

1000 Series Fatboy Beacon은 작업 수심이 깊고 노이즈 있는 환경에 사용이 적합하도록 설계된 Beacon입니다. 누구나 쉽고, 빠르게 1082 Smart Switch를 사용해서 채널 설정을 할 수 있습니다. 1000 Series Fatboy Beacon은 Listening life은 160일, Operation life는 연속 110시간을 사용할 수 있는 Beacon입니다. Transponder와 Responder 모드를 지원하고, Depth 센서를 지원합니다. 1000 Series Fatboy Beacon은 Tone, Chirp, MFSK, DSSS와 FHSS 신호를 동시에 받을 수 있으며, Easytrak, Easytrak Nexus 뿐 아니라, iXBlue GAPS USBL, Kongsberg HPR/HiPAP, Sonardyne USBL, ORE/Edgetech USBL를 지원합니다. Beacon 부착 위치에 따른 Remote transducer와 Beacon Head를 보호하기 위한 Protection cage도 지원합니다.

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1000 시리즈 Fatboy Beacon 호환 USBL:
  • AAE Nexus Spread Spectrum systems
  • AAE Easytrak All models, tone systems
  • iXBlue GAPS USBL
  • Kongsberg HPR/HiPAP
  • ORE/Edgetech USBL
  • Sonardyne USBL
1000 시리즈 Fatboy Beacon 제품사양:
Model Beam Pattern SPL Survival Depth Diameter Length Weight in air/water
1062 ±15° 208dB 4000m 130mm 652mm 14.82kg/6.62kg
1065 ±45° 203dB 4000m 130mm 652mm 14.82kg/6.62kg
  • Battery type: Rechargeable NiMH as standard
  • Listening life: 90 days
  • Operational life, AAE Spread Spectrum: Dependent on pulse rate and operational mode
  • Transmit frequency range: 24 – 33.5kHz
  • Receive frequency range: 17 – 31kHz
  • Turnaround time: 15/30/60/100ms dependent on channel selection
  • Transmit pulse width: 1.5/3.0/10ms dependent on channel selection
  • Connector type: MCBH5M 5-way connector
  • Responder key: + 5 to 25 Volts
  • External power: 22 to 35 Vdc@120mA
  • Charge: Onboard fast charger for 4 hour charge, typical. Activated and monitored via 1082 Smart Switch or 1083 Multi-Charger.

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