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SeaSoar2 Undulating Vehicle

Chelsea Technologies Group SeaSoar2 Towed Vehicle은 수심별 해류 유동과 사용자 요청 센서를 부착하여 동시 관측하여 관측 자료 동시성을 제공합니다. SeaSoar2 Towed Vehicle은 영국 National Oceanography Centre가 제작과 설계에 참여하여 제작된 제품입니다. 그리고 영국을 포함한 미국, 일본, 중국 등 다수 국가 연구소와 대학에서 많은 응용 분야에서 현재도 활발하게 사용되고 있습니다. 본 Towed Vehicle은 최대 선속 12 knots에서 운영할 수 있고, Faired cable 사용 시 +/- 3m/s Undulating 할 수 있습니다. 

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SeaSoar2 Towed Vehicle:
  • Length x width x height: 2m x 1.6m x 0.98m
  • Weight: 150kg (incl. hydraulic unit, excl. sensors)
  • Control: Profile input at deck unit for automatic control of wings or manual over-ride
  • Depth range*: 0 to 500 metres faired cable / 0 to 100 metres unfaired cable
  • Towing speed: 9 to 12 knots
  • Maximum rate of change of depth: +/- 3m/s (faired cable) / +/- 1m/s (unfaired cable)
  • Flight programme CFlightWin
  • Wing servo: Moog valve analogue control with depth sensor feedback loop
  • Materials: Strengthened glass fibre reinforced body / Stainless steel frame & towing yoke
  • Winch: Dedicated winch & cable system is required
  • Cable: Rochester 7-H-314AXX (high strength armour) or equivalent
  • Fairing: Flexnose(R) type fairing is recommended
*Maximum depth achieved is dependent on system configuration.
SeaSoar2 Towed Vehicle 탑재 가능 센서:
  • CTD
  • Fluorometer
  • Transmissometer
  • Nephelometer
  • Bioluminescence
  • Irradiance meter
  • Optical plankton recorder
  • Plankton Sampler
  • Nitrate sensor
  • SeaWifs bands sensors
  • Large payload capacity with excellent accessibility to instrumentation
  • Versatile choice of instrumentation
  • Wide tow speed range (9 to 12 knots)
  • Undulation depth range from 0 to 500m
  • Windows based operating system
  • Custom configurations
  • Generates its own power for vehicle control
  • Real-time vehicle control with manual override
  • Bottom information system available
  • Real-time collection of oceanographic data
  • Ecosystem health monitoring
  • Fisheries research
  • Military oceanography
  • Upper ocean dynamics
  • EEZ monitoring


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