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NuShuttle Undulating Vehicle

Chelsea Technologies Group NuShuttle Towed Vehicle은 해류 유동성과 사용자 선택사항으로 구성된 센서 관측 자료를 실시간 관측합니다. CTG NuShuttle Vehicle은 영국 Plymouth Marine Laboratory가 참여하여 제작된 제품으로 한정된 비용으로 많은 센서를 탑재할 수 있습니다. NuShuttle은 내부 Servo Unit를 통하여 전원과 꼬리 날개 동작합니다. 그리고 실시간 또는 사전 사용자 설정에 의한 동작을 지원합니다. 본 Towed Vehicle은 최대 선속 15 knots 운영할 수 있고, Faired cable 사용 시 최대 수심 150 meter Undulating 할 수 있습니다.

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NuShttle Towed Vehicle:
  • Length x width x height: 1.3 x 0.5 x 0.6 metres
  • Weight: 72kg in air / 45kg in water
  • Depth range: 0 to 80 metres unfaired cable / 0 to >150 metres faired cable
  • Towing speed: 5 to 15 knots
  • Dive / climb: speed Up to 2 m/s
  • Flight programme: Input from PC via Windows software.
  • Elevator Servo: PID digital control / On-board depth sensor for feedback.
  • Power: Impeller driven alternator powering Elevator Servo above 5 knots.
  • Material: Welded Steel frame onto which polyethylene panels are fixed, stainless steel frame and towing yoke.
NuShttle Towed Vehicle 지원 Winch:
  • Winch: Dedicated winch with slip ring assembly only required when used in real-time mode with power/data communication to surface deck unit. When towing on a bare cable, a standard ships capstan may be used.
  • Cable: Rochester 7-H-314A or equivalent for real-time deployments.
  • Fairing: Flexnose(R) style fairing is used for increased depth and undulation range performance.
NuShttle Towed Vehicle 탑재 가능 센서:
  • CTD
  • Fluorometer
  • Transmissometer
  • Nephelometer
  • Bioluminescence
  • Irradiance meter
  • Optical plankton recorder
  • Plankton Sampler
  • Nitrate sensor
  • SeaWifs bands sensors
  • Proven open ocean capability & reliability
  • Clean lines, all sensor inboard
  • An extremely rugged stainless steel/polyethylene construction
  • Highly stable, light weight & robust
  • Generates its own power for vehicle control
  • Large payload capability
  • Pre-programmable or real time control
  • Wide tow speed range (5-15 knots)
  • Undulation depth range from 0 to >150m
  • Oceanographic data gathering from ships of opportunity
  • Ecosystem health monitoring
  • Pollution monitoring and dye tracing studies
  • Sea truthing for satellite remote sensing
  • Continuous plankton monitoring and sampling
  • Estuary, coastal zone and open ocean surveys


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