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500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon

500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon은 수중 작업과 수중 Mooring 장비 인양에 사용할 수 있는 Release Beacon입니다. 500 Series Acoustic Release Beacon은 3510 PAM Portable을 통해서 작업을 수행할 수 있고, Easytrak Nexus, Nexus2, Easytrak Nexus Lite 그리고 Kongsberg HPR4/3, ORE Edgetech Trackpoint II, Sonardyne를 지원합니다. 본 Release Beacon은 Beacon 설치 각도, 배터리 상태, 비콘 ID 그리고 비콘 인양을 Easytrak Nexus, Nexus2, Easytrak Lite 그리고 3510 PAM Portable과 함께 사용할 수 있습니다.

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500 시리즈 Acoustic Releae Beacon 제품사양

Housing material: Hard anodised aluminium

Model Beam Pattern SPL SWL* Release Load Survival Depth Beacon Diameter Overall Length Weight in air/water
529P ±90° 187dB 250kg 250kg 1000m 100mm 810mm 11.0kg/6.0kg

*SWL includes a 4x factor of safety.

  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Listening life: 4 months (At 2°C ambient)
  • Releases: 70
  • Frequency range: MF, 17 to 32kHz
  • Status Telemetyr: Acknowledge arm, Acknowledge release, Battery
  • Commands: Arm, Release, Battery Status, ID Commands, Tilt
500 시리즈 Acoustic Releae Beacon 호환제품

Command / control

  • 3510 PAM: 16 Identities
  • Eaytrak Nexus: 16 Identities


  • Easytrak Nexus, Easytrak Nexus Lite, V-Nav Positioning System, Kongsberg HPR4 and HPR3, ORE Edgetech, Sonadyne


500 Series Release Beacon Datasheet

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